Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease

5 years prior to it’s onset using Augmented Reality on your iPhone

75% of all Alzheimer’s  diagnosis are done too late.

Earlier diagnosis could help to dramatically increase the quality years before the actual onset of the disease. Based on 12 years of R&D and clinical trials with more than 2500 patients, we have developed complex everyday activities providing neuromotor biomarkers that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease 5 years prior to onset with 94% accuracy using smartphones and augmented reality. Our technology will power apps that target both consumer and professionals markets.


Discovering Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) earlier, will have a heavy impact on treatment and therapy and thus can significantly prolong symptom-free years before the actual onset. Studies today already show that moderate physical exercise can add up to 10 quality years. Nutrition and general lifestyle are closely linked to the disease progression too. Using our patented technology, we are going to diagnose a new cohort of patients that today is undetected and therefore untreated.


The current state-of-the-art clinical diagnosis of AD requires a specialty clinic and includes a medical examination, neuropsychological testing, neuroimaging (MRI), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis and blood examination. This process is very time-intense and costly. With an easier to use, more scalable and less expensive diagnosis method, that is even more accurate than todays gold-standard, we are going to change that paradigm.


It is without debate, that the future of medicine is personalized. In the specific case of AD, amyloid proteins, APOE4, and tau all contribute to the individual progression of the disease. And so do other factors of lifestyle, nutrition and phyiscal exercise. In order to treat or prevent AD, personalized, on actual patient data based therapies and drugs are much more promising than one-fits-all approaches. 

Private Beta Launch (US)

Get in touch with us to get notified as soon as we launch our private beta smartphone apps on the US market.

We’re hiring. Join us!

We offer you a seat on our moonshot mission to battle Alzheimer’s Disease using both paradigm shifting technologies and untapped cure approaches. We are a digital health company with recognition of US and EU alzheimer’s associations. Work with proven entrepreneurs, neuro scientists and machine learning experts. This is one of the rare great opportunities to join a high potential startup at it’s earliest stage. Competitive package available (salary plus stock options). Current office locations: Zurich & Berlin; future plans for Boston and San Francisco.

Product Manager

$60k – $120k · 0.0 – 1.0% · Contract · Remote OK · Europe · Product Manager · Augmented Reality · Digital Health


Hi, we are the founders of Altoida. We are on a mission to disrupt diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.


Yes, we’re hiring. Check out our job postings at angel.co

Fun Fact: Was wind-surfing champion at the age of 20.
Ioannis Tarnanas

PhD in Neuroscience; focus on Alzheimer’s and cognitive performance. 15 years research Dementia & Virtual Reality and previous track record in successful start-ups. Pioneered computational (functional) biomarkers for the early screening of AD as a low cost, internet delivered and non-invasive prognostic tool.

Fun Fact: Played main character in debut film of young director at age of 18
Fabian Wahle

PhD Candidate ETH Zürich, Technology, Management & Economics, M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence, B.Sc. Knowledge Engineering, 4 years of applied Machine Learning in medical applications, international patents on physiological marker (EU, US, Asia) with Philips Research. GCP certified.

Fun Fact: Started his professional career at Mc Donald’s at the age of 16.
Adrian Locher

BA from University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Business, Economics and Law. Serial entrepreneur, 15 year successful track record in building B2B and B2C companies, working for clients like Facebook, Microsoft and Nestlé. Built, scaled and exited Switzerland’s largest multi-category eCommerce player with 100M revenue and 200 employees.


Healthcare innovators & technology pioneers

Brenda K Wiederhold

 Ph.D., MBA, BCB, BCN, Behavioral Health Advisor. PhD in Clinical Health Psychology; focus on development of Virtual Reality tools for the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders. 20 years success treatment patients with anxiety, stress, and phobias with virtual reality and biosensors.  CEO of Interactive Media Institute, a 501c3 non-profit committed to improving access to mental healthcare services.

Mark D Wiederhold

M.D., Ph.D., CPE, FACP, FACPE, Medical Advisor. MD in Clinical Medicine, PhD in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.  30 years of research focused on development of non-invasive biosensors and Virtual Reality therapy. Over 200 publications, on staff at Scripps Clinic for 15 years.  Developed numerous digital technology tools to assess cognitive function in patients with TBI and PTSD.  

Elgar Fleisch

Prof., Ph.D., Strategic Advisor. Elgar Fleisch has a double appointment at ETH Zürich and University St. Gallen (HSG). At ETH, he is a full professor of information management, at HSG of technology management. His work focuses on applications, economic impacts, and infrastructures of mobile and ubiquitous computing.


Altoida Technology is based on 12 years of R&D and 8 years of clinical trials at Europe’s leading hospitals in Switzerland, Italy and Greece.

€ 27 M EU funded Research Grants

A total of 27M EUR of grants were invested into our research via two EU-funded sciences programmes DESCRIPA and PharmaCog.


Altoida’s technology is protected by one granted patents. Two more patents currently are being filed.


We have published 12 studies in major journals and another 12 studies supporting our approach were published by independent research teams.


We are on a mission to disrupt the market for Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment.
If you want to be part of this challenge, get in touch!

  • Altoida, Inc., Scripps Memorial Hospital, 9834 Genesee Avenue, Suite 427 La Jolla, CA 92037, USA. Altoida AG, Hirschengraben 31, CH-6003 Lucerne, Switzerland. hello@altoida.com
  • www.altoida.com

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